So, you are relocating to Tucson...

What an exciting time in your life… You are moving to a new city, Tucson.

It’s a big decision to decide whether to move right away and buy a house, or you might want to look for a short-term rental and peruse the area and figure out which area of Tucson you like best.

I have some great resources to hlep you make that determination… I can give you a list of short-term rentals and you can rent month-to-month while you’re making your decision.

Another thing that probably run through your mind is “what schools are best for my children?”… When I have some resources to help you figure out which schools are best, which one is the best fit for your child.

You want to consider where your employer is: you don’t want a long commute. There is no major highway going through the city of Tucson, so you want to make sure you are not making it complicated to get to your employer every day.

Also you consider shopping, supermarkets, entertainment. these are all things that are running through your mind right now, and I have many resources to help you figure out what’s best for you and your family.

So give me call at (520) 429-8593 and let’s continue this conversation.