One area where I really enjoy working in real-estate is when families have an elderly mom or dad and they can’t live in their home anymore.

And they need to be place in assisted living or come along with the family.

An area of expertise for me is helping you achieve that goal and dispersing of the contents of a home and getting the home sold.

I have a great team of resources that help me do that. I’ll give you an example:

a gentleman I helped, who lives out of state, gave me a call and really needed some help getting his 90 year old mom’s town home ready for sale.

It had a lot of contents that needed to be dispersed, also needed new carpeting and had some plumbing issues.

We achieved all that: he placed it in my hands and I got that done for him. Got the town home on the market and we got it sold under contract within two weeks.
I can do the same for your family. Just give me a call at 520-429-8593.