So, you’re thinking of upsizing.

That just seems like a big task to accomplish. But I’ve done that for several people, help them upsize and sell their smaller home.

And I’ve actually done it for myself and my husband in the last 5 years. We just decided we needed a bigger home. We now had 2 kids and 3 dogs and we needed home offices — so we decided to upsize. In our case, we bought first, and then sold our house… but that doesn’t work for everyone. It’s something you need to explore with your (real-estate) agent.

A second example that I’ve helped to do this is two friends of mine. They also had kids and wanted a pool for the kids and grass in the backyard and just a bigger home. So, again, I helped them buy the new house and then we got the old house sold within about a month.

Third example, someone I just helped do this: a young couple and they are gonna be getting married in the next year. They really wanted a bigger house, they have a pretty small house and more of a starter home. So we found them just the right home, larger, and I put their house in the market last Friday and I have accepted offer on it and a back-up offer now.

So the reason I gave you these examples I just wanna share with you, I have a lot of experience in this process and I don’t think that there is a hurdle that I have not seen in 10 years of doing this.

So, I invite you to give me a call. Make me your first call and we can discuss how to do this and look at your specific needs and get it done. 520-429-8593.